Name 3 Songs | The Divide Of Mega Stars And Mid Tier Musicians
King of Hearts | The Hard Truth About Long Distance Relationships
Your 5 Minute Call | Louise Redknapp on Growing Up In Pop & Finding Your Identity On Stage
Common Chaos | Losing Hope In Your Dreams (Sometimes) & Teasing A Surprise
Vivian's Bottom Teeth
Queer The Music | '1950' by King Princess
Breaking Up With Your Soul Sucking Artist Dream: An Interview with Emily Weisband
Having My First Kiss At 20
Scientists Are Pathetic
The Final FronTia | Juno Dawson: The Vampire Slaying Best-Selling Timelord
Getting Candid with SPIDER
The Way They Were | Sunil Patel: The Notorious B.I.G & Faith Evans
A Game of No Halves | World Club Championship Edition
Motherhood and Being Poly with Jessica Esfandiary
Name 3 Songs | What Beyoncé’s Album Means for Country Music
King of Hearts | How To Heal Through Heartbreak
Your 5 Minute Call | Hannah Lowther on Going from Tesco to TikTok to Centre Stage
Common Chaos | How To ACTUALLY Help Your Anxiety
Ali and Ever Get Dong'd Down
Switched On Pop | Adult Contemporary, but make it cool (with CHROMEO)
Queer The Music | ‘King’ by Years and Years (Olly Alexander)
The Money Episode: To Spend Or Not To Spend (More Specifically, How Not To Spend)
Being An Adult Sucks
Ali Hazelwood Owns Me
The Final FronTia | A Timey Wimey Hitchikers Guide To A Galaxy Far Far Away
L’Hot Royal Showcase
Getting Candid with Bloom Twins
Introducing: The Final FronTia
The Way They Were | Breakie Awards 2024
A Game of No Halves | Q&A Special
Taking Responsibility For Your Part
Name 3 Songs | Super Bowl Reaction + Replay America’s Obsession With Power
King of Hearts | Welcome to King of Hearts!
Your 5 Minute Call | Lucie Jones on Navigating TV Shows & Finding Your Champion
Common Chaos | How To Romanticise Valentines Day When You’re Single
Sex Parties and MDNA - 100th Episode with Blair Burke!
Switched On Pop | The Star Spangled Banger!
Queer The Music | 'F**k The Pain Away' by Peaches
You Know Elvis Didn't Write That: An Interview with Joe Rogosta
Rotting In Bed
A Good Girl's Guide To Fantasy
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James Gilmore
James Gilmore hosts his world famous Friday entertainment show. This week, he reflects on feelings from his birthday, he talks about the things he thinks he could do (but actually couldn't) and he has his predictions for the BRIT Awards 2024. Plus James plays Am I The Poo and This Week's Mess-Up. James is also joined by As Scene In's Kayleigh Carter for the inside scoop from the BAFTAs. He also plays the best music from the week.
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Myles McCaulskey
Myles McCaulskey hosts his weekly radio show! This week he chats about the Omah Lay show backlash and he is joined by Nelson Freitas for a special interview. Plus he has music from Muni Long, Lola Brooke, Rimzee and more.
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Lekhika Chaudhary
Lekhika leads the conversation with her Sunday talk show discussing the latest news from around the world. This week she asks: Does Parliament need to be overhauled? Should phones be banned in school? And, does the Honours system need an overhaul?
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Madeleine Molly
Madeleine Molly hosts W!ZARD Radio Station's country music radio show! This week, she talks about Beyoncé's record-breaking Country #1, the upcoming C2C Festival and she digs into Beyoncé's "16 CARRIAGES" in Three Chords & The Truth. Plus Madeleine has the latest in country music and news from around the world.
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Lucie Jones on Your 5 Minute Call with Amber Davies
In the first guest episode of Your 5 Minute Call, Amber and Lucie sit down to talk about finding your feet after competing on a TV show, letting go of crutches, how to grasp the power of your voice and the importance of finding a champion for your dreams.
Welcome to King of Hearts!
It's the first episode of King of Hearts - the new podcast by Chiara King. Chiara sets out her agenda for this new podcast and talks about how to navigate Valentine's Day whether you're spending it solo, in a long distance relationship or trying to find your feet in a new situation.
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