The Holistic Psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera On Moving Past Trauma
Dr. Dennis Gross On Healthy Skin & The Key Ingredient To Skin Health & Radiance
Press Send | What A Difference A Year Can Make
Emily DiDonato On The Secrets Of Modeling & How To Create An Online Presence
Punch Up The Jam | You're Still The One (with Jiji Lee)
Kate Hudson’s Secrets To Glowing From The Inside Out
Common Chaos | If He Wanted To He Would?
Gratitude (with Malik Rasheed & Chief Johnson)
Switched On Pop | Willow Smith rocks harder
Miranda Kerr On Wellness, Victoria's Secret, Beauty Tips & Fitness
#NoShadePod | "Women that bounce back with little to no recovery time"
Interview with Nick Pope
Affirmations & The Tattoo Dilemma
Shut The Kale Up AKA Jeannette Aranda On Moving Forward In Life & Wellness Advice
Punch Up The Jam | Boulevard of Broken Dreams (with Joanna Hausmann)
Everything Matilda Djerf Touches Turns To Gold
Common Chaos | How To Create More Happiness
Perseverance (Part 2) (with Robert Covington & Sterling "Steelo" Brim)
Manifest Daily | Navigating Your Saturn Return with British Vogue Astrologer Alice Bell
Switched On Pop | The Sound of Sapphism
Charli D'Amelio & Heidi D'Amelio on Growing Up In The Spotlight
#NoShadePod | "Is this an anti-black thought?"
Interview with Winston Marshall
We All Have An Inner Child
Press Send | Why Don’t I Let Anyone Take Care of Me?
How Diets Fail Us feat. JS Health Founder Jessica Sepel
Punch Up The Jam | Eye of The Tiger (with Arthur Meyer)
Candace Marino On The Top 10 Ways to Guarantee a #RadiantAF Glow
Common Chaos | Is Social Media Stealing Our Happiness?
Perseverance (with Robert Covington & Sterling "Steelo" Brim)
Manifest Daily | November 2022 Energy Report
Switched On Pop | Scary Pockets funkify pop classics (with Lizzy McAlpine)
Interview with Mia Wray
The Dark Side Of Politics & The Abuse Of Power feat. Karen Hinton
#NoShadePod | "My kids will be grateful I had them when I did"
Interview with Lord Moylan
Living Unapologetically & Having An Average Week
Interview with Gracie Abrams
Press Send | I’m Taking A Break From Therapy, And Here’s Why
Rob Dyrdek On Mindset Tools To Create Your Dream Life
Punch Up The Jam | Replay (with Phil Jamesson)
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James Gilmore
James Gilmore hosts his world famous Friday entertainment show. This week, he guesses what Stormzy's new album is going to sound like (before it's actually out), he predicts his Spotify Wrapped and he reads your messages for Am I The Poo? and This Week's Mess Up. In the third hour he's joined by Julia Wolf as part of his 2023 New Artist Interviews. He also plays the best music from the week.
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Myles McCaulskey
Myles McCaulskey hosts his weekly radio show! This week Myles talks about Headie One's new European EP, the GRAMMY nominations and he asks for listener advice on climbing a mountain in Cardiff. Plus he has music from Stormzy, Khamari, Ice Spice and more.
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Lekhika Chaudhary
Lekhika leads the conversation with her Sunday talk show discussing the latest news from around the world. This week she asks: What needs to be done about the UK’s migrant policy? Do you have climate anxiety? And, do you feel safe at concerts and large events?
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Madeleine Molly
Madeleine Molly hosts W!ZARD Radio Station's country music radio show! This week, she has a Taylor Swift special episode as she spends the full show breaking down “Midnights” and playing her favourite tracks from the new album.
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Interview with Hailee Steinfeld
James Gilmore interviews actress and pop star Hailee Steinfeld. The beginning is relatively awkward and the rest is... well it's an interview about the film Bumblebee so it's relatively informative too.
Interview with Stephen Odubola and Michael Ward
Maya Egbo interviews Stephen Odubola and Michael Ward from "Blue Story" about their reaction watching the film for the first time, stories from the auditions and she tests their red carpet poses!
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