(Song)writer's Block, Suffering for Your Art & Where Ideas Might Be Hiding
Addicted To Toxic Relationships
Doing The Thing | "Primary School Choirs… We Sing In Unison!"
Cami Isn’t Giving You Advice
Dream Anal, Sis - You've Been Punk'd!
Getting Candid with Girl and Girl
The Way They Were | Emer McLysaght: CBB's Chantelle & Preston
A Game of No Halves | TROPHY-LESS?!
Rules of Dating: Do We Follow Them?
Name 3 Songs | Revisiting the Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn Breakup 1 Year Later
King of Hearts | Gaston Griendl on Non Negotiables & A Boys Perspective
Leave A Message | One Night Stands: You're Coming Home With Me!
Your 5 Minute Call | Tom Francis on Sunset Boulevard & Finding His Feet In Drama School
Solar Eclipse of the Dong
Queer The Music | 'Fast Slow Disco' by St Vincent
Switched On Pop | Chasing old sounds: Djo's "End of Beginning" with Joe Keery
Fomo, Envy & Protecting The Daily Joy of Writing Songs: A Conversation with Jessie Jo Dillon
Asking My Mom About Her Teenage Life
Doing The Thing | "That Makes Me Mad... It Makes Me MAD"
Eunuchs Are Back
The Final FronTia | Hannah Conda: The Comic Book Drag Marvel from Down Under
Getting Candid with Jordan Suaste
The Way They Were | Scott McGlynn: Anna Farris & Chris Pratt
Name 3 Songs | NYC Rock Music + Replay Of Reclaiming 30
Leave A Message | Clearing The Inbox: The Gallies Have Gone Off Piste!
Your 5 Minute Call | Karis Anderson on Pop Groups To Centre Stage & Manifesting Success
Fingered In A Wave Pool
Switched On Pop | Cowboy Carter
Millions Of Ways A Perfect Song Can Die (That Have Nothing To Do With The Songwriter)
The Dark Side of Stan Twitter
L'Hotline: You See a Hot Guy? Fall Down!!
The Final FronTia | The Pop Quiz: Doctor Who Edition
Getting Candid at South By South West 2024 (Part 2)
The Way They Were | Olga Koch: Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher
A Game of No Halves | L.A. Adventures
RED FLAGS - 5 Reasons They Draw Us In
Name 3 Songs | The Speculation Over Kate Middleton's Absence
King of Hearts | Max Balegde & Andrew Spann on First Dates In The Closet & Moving In
Leave A Message | Holiday Fails: Easy Jet Vouchers & A Dream
Your 5 Minute Call | Michael Ahomka-Lindsay on Dropping Out Of Medical School & Starring In Cabaret
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James Gilmore
James Gilmore hosts his world famous Friday entertainment show. This week it is a General Election Special as James is joined by W!ZARD Radio Station presenters Nathan Eckersley, Ashleigh Stiles, Tamzin Kraftman and Lekhika Chaudhary to analyse the past 14 years of Conservative government, 24 hours of election results and what the next 5 years of Labour government means for all of us. He also plays the best music from the week.
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Myles McCaulskey
Myles McCaulskey hosts his weekly radio show! This week he chats about Kendrick Lamar shutting down the city, appreciating Ezra Collective and... there's an Eminem song that Myles actually likes?! Plus he has music from Quavo, Odeal, Asake and more.
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Lekhika Chaudhary
Lekhika leads the conversation with her Sunday talk show discussing the latest news from around the world. This week she asks: How do you feel about the General Election result? Does the UK’s political voting system need reform? And, is President Biden heading for an election loss?
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Madeleine Molly
Madeleine Molly hosts W!ZARD Radio Station's country music radio show! This week, she talks about Morgan Wallen's record-breaking Hyde Park show, The War and Treaty's show in Austin and she teases her interview with Nina Nesbitt for her new podcast Three Tracks & The Truth. Plus Madeleine has the latest in country music and news from around the world.
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Lucie Jones on Your 5 Minute Call with Amber Davies
In the first guest episode of Your 5 Minute Call, Amber and Lucie sit down to talk about finding your feet after competing on a TV show, letting go of crutches, how to grasp the power of your voice and the importance of finding a champion for your dreams.
Welcome to King of Hearts!
It's the first episode of King of Hearts - the new podcast by Chiara King. Chiara sets out her agenda for this new podcast and talks about how to navigate Valentine's Day whether you're spending it solo, in a long distance relationship or trying to find your feet in a new situation.
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