News & Politics
Interview with Benedict Rogers
The human rights campaigner joins Nathan Eckersley to discuss the UK's response to China
Interview with Dr Francis Young
The British historian joins Nathan Eckersley to discuss the upcoming coronation of King Charles
Interview with Steven Barrett
The widely respected Barrister and Legal Commentator analyses the Windsor Frameworkand the recent hearings into Partygate.
Interview with Alexander Downer AC
Former Australian Foreign Minister discusses the UK's migrant crisis, Australia's immigration policy and the AUKUS pact.
Interview with Maria Romanenko - Escaping Ukraine
Ukrainian journalist Maria Romanenko shares her journey of fleeing her homeland...
Interview with Philip Ingram MBE - Defending the UK
Philip Ingram MBE is a former senior British Army intelligence officer; he joins Nathan Eckersley for a conversation about the Russia-Ukraine War and reform to British defence.
Interview with Bobby Duffy
The Director of the Policy Institute at King's College London discusses the future of the Conservative Party
Interview with Alex Story
The Former Team GB Olympic Rower who is now a Board Member for the Conservative Democratic Organisation discusses the future of the Conservative Party.
The College Cartel: Sahaj Sharda
Author of the bestselling book "The College Cartel" joins Nathan Eckersley for this special interview about college admissions scandals and reforms...
Interview with Kristian Coates Ulrichsen
The Middle East expert joins Nathan to talk about the politics surrounding the FIFA World Cup.
Interview with Nick Pope
The former UFO Investigator joins Nathan Eckersley to discuss progression in UFO investigations.
Interview with Winston Marshall
The former Mumford & Sons guitarist sits down with Nathan Eckersley to talk about his experience with cancel culture.
Interview with Lord Moylan
In this no-holding-back interview, Lord Moylan talks to Nathan Eckersley about Rishi Sunak and the future of the Conservative Party.
Interview with Sir Anthony Seldon
Sir Anthony Seldon is a leading authority on contemporary British history and education and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham.
Interview with Josh Rivers
Josh Rivers is the creator and host of Busy Being Black, the award-winning podcast exploring queer Black cultures, identities and experiences.
Interview with Ethan Chorin
Ethan Chorin is a leading expert on Libyan affairs and was working at the Benghazi Medical Centre on a program to build trauma capacity on the day of the September 11, 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.
Interview with Jake Scott
Jake Scott is the Chairman of the young Conservatives magazine The Mallard. He joins Nathan Eckersley live at the Conservative Party Conference 2022...
Interview with Konstantin Kisin
Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British author and comedian who has written for the likes of the Daily Telegraph and The Spectator on issues of censorship and the 'culture war'.
Interview with Richard Fitzwilliams - Looking Ahead at Royalty
Richard Fitzwilliams is a one of the UK's most prominent and respected Royal Commentators.
Interview with Sarah Elliott - Reflecting on the Queen
Sarah Elliott is the Spokesperson for Republicans Overseas UK & Chair of the Hamilton Society. She joins Nathan Eckersley on his special radio show reflecting on the life of the Queen...