A Game of No Halves | Ronaldinho's Retribution
A podcast about the most successful football club in history - that only exists in Bob Harris' head...
Bob Harris & Miles Myerscough-Harris
Published 17 January 2024
A Game Of No Halves / W!ZARD Studios

North London FC is the most successful football club in the history of the Premier League. There’s only one issue: it only exists in Bob Harris' head. For over 35 years, broadcasting legend “Whispering” Bob Harris OBE has managed his line-up, built stadiums and training grounds and kept records of every single match played. Now, for the first time, Bob and his son Miles are revisiting 35 years of fantasy football history (as well as their own family stories) in A Game Of No Halves.

After a stunning performance in the World Club Championship, North London FC enter the 2002-03 league season with some exciting fresh faces - including a certain Brazilian from PSG, who looks to have chosen London over Barcelona. But will his party boy attitude be tolerated by Bob as he tries to reclaim the Premier League trophy?

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