Ali Hazelwood Owns Me
Cameron Capello is The Chamber of Secret Books, the BookTokker who shares the reads that she's currently screaming, crying and hallucinating to.
Cameron Capello
Published 19 February 2024
The Chamberof Secret Books Podcast / W!ZARD Studios

On The Chamber of Secret Books Podcast, BookTokker Cami Capello is sharing her favourite picks, entering the worlds of her most-loved characters and sometimes she's chatting to the names behind the words that have caused her so much lost sleep! It's all fun and games... until the peach scene.

This week on The Chamber of Secret Books Podcast, Cami is obsessed with a book by STEM queen and bilingual Ali Hazelwood that has single-handedly helped Cami revive her personality, re-define her reading habits and defeat her writing blocks. PLUS Cami learns about vampires, Omegaverse genitals and more.

This episode contains spoilers.

Film Recommendation:

The Beautiful Person (La Belle Personne)

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