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Boyfriends Suck
Welcome to Life With No Warning, the show where Isa Jorio shares her personal diary of all the completely unpredictable things that happen when you're a girl who has lived in 7 countries... and are still in your early 20s.
Isa Jorio
Published 02 October 2023
Life With No Warning / W!ZARD Studios

On "Life With No Warning", Isa Jorio shares the stories that not even her friends and family know all while giving tips on friendships, relationships, travelling and more. This podcast is here for all of us trying to figure out what this life even is and what we want from it. New episodes every Monday.

Isa delves deep into the ups and down of relationships, particularly when it comes to men.

Isa begins by offering a thoughtful perspective on why dating photographers can be the worse thing you could ever do for yourself. Her insights shed light on the complexities often overlooked.

Moving on, she discusses the importance of managing breakups maturely. Isa advises against transitioning to a friends-with-benefits arrangement after a breakup, emphasizing the value of maintaining emotional boundaries.

Tune in for Isa's valuable advice on navigating the tricky waters of breakups and relationships.

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