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Somewhat Grown Up | Budgeting & Feeling Like An Adult
Somewhat Grown Up is your guide to navigating growing up by W!ZARD Radio Station's very own Gemma Miller.
Gemma Miller
Published 03 September 2023
Somewhat Grown Up with Gemma Miller / W!ZARD Studios

Somewhat Grown Up is your guide to navigating growing up. Gemma Miller shares lessons she has learnt from her personal experiences navigating growing out of teenage-hood and answers listener dilemmas on everything from friendships to love and careers.

Gemma is having stressful week trying to buy a new car and not knowing what she is doing! This has led to her learning how to budget and thinking about still not feeling like an adult… In this week’s listener dilemma Gemma talks about how to get yourself out of an awkward situation between your best friend and a crush!

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