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Interview with Lord Moylan
In this no-holding-back interview, Lord Moylan talks to Nathan Eckersley about Rishi Sunak and the future of the Conservative Party.
Nathan Eckersley
Published 30 October 2022
Lord Moylan / Nathan Eckersley / W!ZARD Studios

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Lord Daniel Moylan
is a Conservative politician and a member of the House of Lords. Before being created Baron Moylan in September 2020, he had been a diplomat, a merchant banker, and a member of Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council. He had also served as chief adviser to Boris Johnson as Mayor of London, deputy chairman of Transport for London and a co-chairman of Urban Design London.

Lord Moylan joins Nathan Eckersley for a no-holding-back interview about Rishi Sunak's premiership, backing Boris Johnson's return to office and the future of the Conservative Party.

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