Interview with phem
Rhiannon Nevada sits down with the label-defying artist to talk about the emotional toll her latest EP took on her and much more.
Rhiannon Nevada
Published 18 February 2021

phem blurs the lines and defies all labels to the max with her brand of indie-alt-meets-lo-fi-emo-rap music.

Growing up for phem was difficult, as the Catholic school student struggled to make sense of her sexuality; situations like bringing her first girlfriend home were scary and went against everything she was brought up believing. Today though, these life experiences have grown into key elements of her music, as she documents the importance of not letting labels define you and living your truest life, even if your family might be slow to come on-board.

Kicking off her career though came a bit more naturally.

It all started when a mutual friend linked her up with G-Eazy, who asked her to be on his 2017 track “Just Friends”, which doubled up as phem’s debut single. Splitting her time between writing for herself and writing for other people, she found a healthy balance, and today admits that writing for other people ended up being therapy for herself.

Now comes phem’s EP, “how u stop hating urself (pt 1)” which acts as a diary for the truest and rawest thoughts that run through the artist’s head. In fact, it’s so raw that that she admits that there is unlikely to be a Part 2 (although a Deluxe Version is planned). The EP includes fan favourite “stfu” as well as iann dior collaboration, “honest”.

What is perhaps most exciting for phem is not just how quickly her star is rising, but how it’s happening whilst she is being her most authentic self… even if sometimes that is a bit draining on her energy.

Rhiannon Nevada sat down with phem to talk growing up in a Catholic household, the emotional toll her latest EP took on her and much more.

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