Interview with Still Woozy
Rhiannon Nevada sits down with the artist whose authenticity is gaining him a following - to break the news to him that he went viral on TikTok.
Rhiannon Nevada
Published 17 March 2021
Still Woozy

When Still Woozy popped off on TikTok, he didn’t even know it was happening.

It was his single “Goodie Bag” that unexpectedly broke through – and now has over 170M streams on Spotify alone. Since then, a fan base has built around the solo artist rapidly, to the extent that his latest single, “Rocky” surpassed 2M streams in just two weeks.

So, it’s a busy time for Still Woozy. And a great time to jump on-board to the fandom.

Starting off his journey in the band “Feed Me Jack”, Still Woozy launched his solo project after realising that he wanted to create music that leant on emotion, without overly complex lyrics. Since going out on his own, he’s taken an organic approach to his music, documenting the realities of his day-to-day life.

For example, when he dropped “Rocky” he had to pair the song with a music video – which was a struggle considering he had injured his leg. A few days later, him and friend grabbed a camera and shot a music video at his house that fit his motto of not taking life too seriously. The outcome is a music video that is, arguably, one of his best.

And… a video that features his chicken.

For someone who records all of his music in his garage, the singer-songwriter is competing with some of the best. Whether it’s his laid-back, authentic approach to visuals, or his catchy melodies, fans around the world are finding a reason to fall in love with Still Woozy.

Rhiannon Nevada sat down with Still Woozy to break the news to him that he went viral on TikTok, talk favourite snacks, his latest single “Rocky” and what’s to come in the future.

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