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Interview with Tara Copeland
At the Young Liberals Summer Conference, Nathan Eckersley sits down with the Co-Chair to discuss the Young Liberals agenda.
Nathan Eckersley
Published 09 August 2021
Tara Copeland

This interview is taken from The Nathan Eckersley Podcast, published every Monday on all podcast platforms. Click here to listen on your favourite podcast platform, and listen to Nathan Eckersley's live radio show live from Manchester every Sunday afternoon, from 3pm-4pm (UK) on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Nathan Eckersley sits down with Young Liberals Co-Chair Tara Copeland to discuss the Young Liberals agenda, the future of the Liberal Democrats and more.

Tara Copeland sits on the Federal Executive team of the Young Liberals, the youth wing of the Liberal Democrats political party in the UK. Originally from Canada, she joined the Liberal Democrats in 2017 after moving to London, getting involved with her local party and the Young Liberals. She is an elected member of Federal Policy Committee and is also an executive member of LGBT+ Liberal Democrats.

This interview took place at the Young Liberals Summer Conference.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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