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Interview with Winston Marshall
The former Mumford & Sons guitarist sits down with Nathan Eckersley to talk about his experience with cancel culture.
Nathan Eckersley
Published 06 November 2022
Winston Marshall / Nathan Eckersley / W!ZARD Studios

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Winston Marshall is the former banjoist and lead guitarist of the GRAMMY and BRIT Award winning band Mumford & Sons. His music career came crashing down when, in 2021, he Tweeted in supported for the book Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy by American journalist Andy Ngo. A few months later, he posted an essay defending the author and announced that he would be permanently leaving Mumford & Sons so that he could exercise free speech about politics without involving his former bandmates.

Since leaving Mumford & Sons, Marshall has launched the "Marshall Matters" podcast with The Spectator and has continued running his group that aims to connect Hong Kongers, encouraged to immigrate to the UK, with British residents to assimilate into British life.

Winston Marshall joins Nathan Eckersley for this special interview about his time in the band, the incident that caused the downfall of his music career and his thoughts on cancel culture.

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