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Introducing: Queer The Music with Jake Shears
Scissor Sisters’ frontman and West End star Jake Shears celebrates the anthems that have shaped queer lives.
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Published 25 January 2024
Queer The Music / Universal Music UK / W!ZARD Studios

W!ZARD Studios and Jake Shears have announced the brand new podcast, "Queer The Music", the podcast where Jake Shears celebrates the anthems that have dominated dancefloors and shaped queer lives.

Throughout the history of popular music, queer artists have made huge contributions - often at great expense and risk to themselves personally and professionally.

This podcast shines a spotlight on those who trailblazed paths towards self expression. Join Scissor Sisters’ frontman Jake Shears and his guests as he unearths these important stories song by song.

Produced by Alice Williams and Debbie Kilbride for Universal Music UK.

Episodes will be released every Wednesday on all podcast platforms. Click HERE to subscribe today.

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