Name 3 Songs | Ariana Grande & Lil Nas X Cause Controversies With Their New Singles
Name 3 Songs was created to challenge sexism in the music industry and empower fangirls.
Name 3 Songs
Published 17 January 2024
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Join Name 3 Songs as we think critically and unlearn internalized misogyny together. Co-hosts Sara Feigin and Jenna Million are long-time fangirls with 10+ years of music industry experience. This is a music commentary podcast based on in-depth research and the personal opinions of the hosts.

This week on Name 3 Songs…

Fangirl Nonsense: Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter and spotted on a date in LA. Jeremy Allen White is seen at the Critics Choice Awards wearing a rose pin on his lapel that is tied back to Rosalia. Selena Gomez tells everyone she’s quitting social media and then returns 18 hours later. Ayo Edebiri is taking home all the awards while shouting out Ireland over an internet joke.

Lil Nas X debuts a new song and music video for “J Christ,” causing much controversy among christian netizens. Lil Nas X is depicted as Jesus, contrasting to his music video for “Montero” in which he was quite literally dancing with the devil.

The pop singer took to Instagram to post an apology video, claiming that his intention wasn’t to mock christianity. We discuss Lil Nas’s history with provocative art and whether he had any deeper intentions. We also look at the ways Madonna and Lady Gaga used christian iconography to make statements, and the backlash they faced.

Ariana Grande is back with her single “yes, and?” teasing at what could have been an iconic follow-up to the internet’s favorite “thank u, next.” Instead, the single acts as a diss-track aimed at the general public for having opinions about her life including her relationship with Ethan Slater and her change in appearance and body weight.

We discuss the trade off of having a private life as a public figure, and the way the song’s message is an example of the widening disconnect between celebrity and public.

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