Name 3 Songs | Doja Cat and Drake Make Questionable Choices
Name 3 Songs was created to challenge sexism in the music industry and empower fangirls.
Name 3 Songs
Published 11 October 2023
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Join Name 3 Songs as we think critically and unlearn internalized misogyny together. Co-hosts Sara Feigin and Jenna Million are long-time fangirls with 10+ years of music industry experience. This is a music commentary podcast based on in-depth research and the personal opinions of the hosts.

This week on Name 3 Songs…

Fangirl Nonsense: Jenna is Vic from Maneskin? Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien were spotted at the SAG + AFRA strike. Pete Davidson, Ice Spice, and Bad Bunny will be making appearances on SNL. Shania Twain is an icon in red hair.

Is Taylor Swift overexposed? Or is this all over-consumption of Taylor as a brand? The discussion continues.

Doja Cat is showing us who she is once again. The singer recently posted a photo wearing a t-shirt picturing Sam Hyde (an internet-infamous edgelord with ties to both the alt-right and neo-Nazi movements according to Dazed). Is this Doja’s litmus test for what fans are willing to put up with? And does her public support of this character lead to a slippery alt-right pipeline?

Maren Morris announced she’s leaving country music. This comes after years of activism and support for women of color and LBGTQ+ people in country music as well as supporting trans rights in legislation. Morris claims country music is “burning itself down without my help.” What does this mean for Morris and what is the state of the burning country industry right now?

At a recent concert, Drake gave a fan $50,000 because the fan’s girlfriend left him – a gesture to make the ex look like a fool. But really… Drake is looking like the fool. We discuss Drake’s “nice guy” complex that is laced in covert misogyny and how this is also a slippy slope to Andrew Tate TikTok.

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