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Our First Times feat. My Sister
Welcome to Life With No Warning, the show where Isa Jorio shares her personal diary of all the completely unpredictable things that happen when you're a girl who has lived in 7 countries... and are still in your early 20s.
Isa Jorio
Published 08 January 2024
Life With No Warning / W!ZARD Studios

On "Life With No Warning", Isa Jorio shares the stories that not even her friends and family know all while giving tips on friendships, relationships, travelling and more. This podcast is here for all of us trying to figure out what this life even is and what we want from it. New episodes every Monday.

Step into the intimate conversations between Isa and her older sister Valentina as they fearlessly unravel the tales of their first experiences.

From the tender moments of first relationships to the raw emotions of heartbreaks and the profound significance of losing one's virginity, nothing is off-limits. It's as if you're eavesdropping on a heartfelt FaceTime call with your own older sisters, where every topic is fair game.

Join in for a candid, relatable journey through various life milestones, sparking a sense of familiarity and openness akin to sharing with those closest to you.

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