'AND THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE GIVING ME?' (A Deep Dive Into Alicia Keys’ Career, Aaliyah’s Posthumous Single)
Join Nic, Sope and Eden as they examine the trending topics of the week, new releases and mercilessly debate your favourite artists.
Don't Alert The Stans
Published 22 December 2021
Don't Alert The Stans

Don't Alert The Stans is a music and pop-culture podcast with a marked focus on stan culture. Join your hosts Nic (@IAmNtyrell), Sope (@SopeSoetan) and Eden (@EedsMcKenzie) as they examine the trending topics of the week, new releases and mercilessly debate your favourite artists. Controversial and wild options aplenty, no artist is safe. This isn't for the faint-hearted or easily triggered. Get involved in the conversation at #DATSPOD

Welcome back to Don't Alert The Stans!

The Season 7 finale begins with a heartfelt tribute to author, feminist and professor Bell Hooks who passed away last week. Long a healing balm for both Eden and Sope, they both take some time to share their individual experiences with Hooks’ work and how its impacted their lives.

Next up is the trialling of a potential new segment which will focus on books/articles that the boys are reading. Sope highlights Questlove’s recent interview with GQ centring on his directorial debut with the ‘Summer Of Soul’ documentary. Looking at how its political backdrop mirrors the current state of Black America.

Finally kicking off the news agenda is Mariah Carey who has revealed she has no plans to ever tour again. Bringing forth a discussion about whether acts of her calibre and financial capital even need to tour anymore.

Following the success of Aaliyah’s catalogue finally making its way to streaming services, Blackground Records are now rolling out a posthumous 4th studio album. The project’s first single ‘Poison’ featuring The Weeknd has received extremely negative reviews from fans for being poorly mixed.

Closing out the episode is another new segment which informally taken place a number of times but is now starting to take formal shape; the deep dive. Just as the boys have carried out comprehensive analysis on the career trajectories of Ciara, Chris Brown, Drake and J. Cole, this week Alicia Keys is in the hot seat. Spurred by the news of Alicia Keys missing the top 40 on the Billboard 200 for the first time ever with her latest album ‘KEYS’, Sope and Eden consider the dramatic changes in the way her public and musical persona is perceived in 2021 compared to her glory years in the early 2000s and 2010s.

Please Note: This content may include explicit language and references which may not be suitable for young listeners.

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