Habits Scale Up! The Basics of Managing Money As A Small Business Owner
Songwriter Soup is a frank discussion about how to make it in the music industry as a songwriter, hosted by 4x GRAMMY nominated songwriter Laura Veltz, financial advisor Tracy Hackney and producer Kevin Sokolnicki.
Songwriter Soup
Published 05 February 2024
Songwriter Soup / W!ZARD Studios

Making it in the music industry takes grit and a lot of patience, but also sound financial advice. Laura Veltz is a 4x GRAMMY-nominated songwriter and has teamed up with Tracy Hackney, a seasoned financial advisor for musicians, to bring you the tips and tricks of the industry. Joined by host and producer, Kevin Sokolnicki, the trio has interviews with some of the most prominent and up-and-coming songwriters and artists in the music industry.

Laura, Tracy and Kevin expand on the idea that even if you have a publishing deal, you're still very much the sole proprietor of your own business.

Tracy gives a tutorial on how to divide up your income so that when tax day comes, you have all your bases covered. He also lays out some best practices for avoiding debt, systematic saving and maintaining a realistic viewpoint of your financial progress.

Laura gives a play by play on how all this money stuff feels in real time from songwriter’s perspective, and how these financial choices can affect your creativity in the short and long run.

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