Name 3 Songs | Explicit AI Taylor Swift Images (with Matt Thomson of The Amazons)
Name 3 Songs was created to challenge sexism in the music industry and empower fangirls.
Name 3 Songs
Published 31 January 2024
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Join Name 3 Songs as we think critically and unlearn internalized misogyny together. Co-hosts Sara Feigin and Jenna Million are long-time fangirls with 10+ years of music industry experience. This is a music commentary podcast based on in-depth research and the personal opinions of the hosts.

This week on Name 3 Songs…

We’re joined by special guest Matt Thomson from British rock band The Amazons. Matt brings his perspective as a musician to weigh in on this week’s hot topics including…

Fangirl Nonsense: Zac Efron is snubbed of an Oscar nomination for his role in The Iron Claw. Ryan Gosling and America Ferrera are nominated while Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig are passed up. Barry Keoghan and Masters of the Air costars visit the white house. Austin Butler hires a coach to get rid of his Elvis accent.

Matty Healy is back in good graces with fans largely due to making appearances in Gabriette’s videos and re-emerging on Instagram. This is yet a new iteration of Matty’s continuous downfall and redemption within The 1975 fandom.

We explore the line fans are willing to walk with Matty, whether or not he is putting on a provocative persona, and the complicated nature of navigating fan relationships once you’ve hit a certain level of fame.

Explicit AI-generated images of Taylor Swift went viral on Twitter this week, causing the platforms to remove the content only after it was viewed 45 millions times. This raised concerns with the US government about the use of AI to create deepfake porn.

We discuss Taylor Swift’s power in getting the government involved, men’s relationship to consuming pornographic images of women, and how creating deepfake porn is an act of gaining power over women. We also explore the future of AI in visual art and music, whether fans will adopt or reject AI as consumers, and how capitalism and overconsumption ties into all of it.

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