Interview with CKay
CKay has one of the biggest songs of the year. He sits down with Myles McCaulskey to talk about success and 2022.
Myles McCaulskey
Published 13 November 2021

Ema-Afrobeat sensation CKay has taken social media by storm with his single, "love nwantiti (ah ah ah)"... but did you know that the song came out in 2019?!

After blowing up on TikTok earlier this year, it has become one of the biggest songs of the year. But, there's much more to the artist than one viral song.

With a sense of illusion following the artist following the success of the single, we had to sit down with him.

Myles McCaulskey sat down with CKay to talk about the success of "love nwantiti (ah ah ah)", his surprise at the single blowing up and his plans for 2022.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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