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King of Hearts | Gaston Griendl on Non Negotiables & A Boys Perspective
King of Hearts is the new podcast by artist and content creator Chiara King exploring what it means to wear your heart on your sleeve.
Chiara King
Published 10 April 2024
King of Hearts by Chiara King / Universal Music UK & W!ZARD Studios

Join Chiara King every week to follow her journey to true love, helping to solve your relationship troubles along the way, and joined by special guest experts. Full of honesty, vulnerability and real tangible advice - Chiara King has got your back. New episodes every Wednesday.

This week it's all about a boys perspective on King of Hearts! Music producer/Chiara's close friend Gaston Griendl is on the podcast for an episode that gives a true insight into what's happening on the boys group chat...

From non negotiable lists to how to excuse ghosting, dealing with break-ups and how boys interpret relationship stages - if you have ever wandered what goes on inside a man's mind, this is your chance to find out!

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