Name 3 Songs | Margot Robbie Worries People Are Sick Of Her
Name 3 Songs was created to challenge sexism in the music industry and empower fangirls.
Name 3 Songs
Published 24 January 2024
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Join Name 3 Songs as we think critically and unlearn internalized misogyny together. Co-hosts Sara Feigin and Jenna Million are long-time fangirls with 10+ years of music industry experience. This is a music commentary podcast based on in-depth research and the personal opinions of the hosts.

This week on Name 3 Songs…

Fangirl Nonsense: Zayn Malik reemerges into the limelight at Paris fashion week and was absolute sweetheart to fans! New Logan Lerman pics dropped.

Jacob Elordi hosted SNL and Renee Rapp brought out Megan Thee Stallion for their performance of “Not My Fault” from the Mean Girls soundtrack.

On January 17, it was announced that Pitchfork is folding into GQ. Much of the music and journalism industries took to Twitter to express their condolences for the end of a publication that shaped so much of the music world. Pitchfork was notorious for it’s album reviews – making or breaking artists.

We discuss Pitchfork’s significance within the music media landscape, the purpose it served for up and coming artists to be seen and heard, and what will happen next in the face of evolving technology and culture.

Margot Robbie tells Deadline that she thinks the general public “is sick of her.” We look at the recent history of actresses who have experienced similar critique, disappearing from the limelight while their male counterparts continue their careers.

We also discuss Paul Mescal’s recent interview with The Sunday Times in which he says he’s worried of becoming more famous than he already is, and how other actors have pivoted into arthouse movies to maintain an acting career while choosing to stay out of the public light.

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