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Press Send | How Can I Express My Non-Negotiables?
Chinae Alexander wants to hear about your problems.
Press Send with Chinae Alexander
Published 10 June 2022
Press Send with Chinae Alexander

Chinae Alexander, an entrepreneur and lifestyle personality, wants to hear about your problems. On Press Send, she’s fielding your questions and bringing her trademark honesty to the issues, big and small, that we all actually care about. Join Chinae and a unique guest each week as they dish out advice about everything from dating to career to friendship. No question is too intimate and no topic is off limits — just press send.

Chinae is closing out this season with one final solo episode!

Tune in as she offers up some advice on a topic she's come across a lot lately: vocalizing non-negotiables early on in dating. Chinae is talking all about the different kinds of non-negotiables, whether or not red flags are *actually* red flags, and the importance of taking self-inventory.

See y’all back here in a few weeks! Happy Summer!

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