Queer The Music | 'A Little Respect' by Erasure
Scissor Sisters’ frontman and West End star Jake Shears celebrates the anthems that have shaped queer lives.
Jake Shears
Published 06 February 2024
Queer The Music / Universal Music UK / W!ZARD Studios

Throughout the history of popular music, queer artists have made huge contributions - often at great expense and risk to themselves personally and professionally. This podcast shines a spotlight on those who trailblazed paths towards self expression. Join Scissor Sisters’ frontman Jake Shears and his guests as he unearths these important stories song by song.

Andy Bell was out and proud from the get go, fronting synth pop duo Erasure who sold over 20 million albums and had an incredible 17 Top 10 singles. This episode celebrates the most enduring of all their records, the 1988 hit ‘A Little Respect’.

Considered by many as the ultimate Pride Anthem, to this day it still gets dance floors heaving and crowds singing their hearts out. Jake and Andy discuss the making of the song, the gay scene in London during the early days of Andy's career, growing in confidence and progressing as a queer performer.

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