The Way They Were | Russell Kane: Henry VIII & Catherine of Aragon
If there is one thing Gráinne Maguire and Chantal Feduchin-Pate love more than discussing their own odd ex’s, it’s remembering weird celebrities that went out with each other too.
The Way They Were
Published 15 September 2023
The Way They Were / W!ZARD Studios

This podcast, inspired by the cult Old Loves Tumblr is a love letter to the celebrity relationships we adored at the time but now have forgotten ever happened. Every week Chantal and Gráinne will be joined by a different celebrity guest to discuss the celebrity romance they never got over. So take our hand and stroll down memory lane, as we remember... The Way They Were...

Well, hey nonny NO, you did NOT just create a whole, new religion just because you didn't fancy your wife anymore and the grass was green(sleeves)er on the other side of the fence?

That Henry VIII sure has a lot to answer for, including Brexit, in the opinion of this week's incredible guest, comedian and self-confessed romance king, Russell Kane.

Yes, this week, we're going all Tudor on your ass, as we get down into the business of KH the 8th and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, who was selfish enough not to provide a male heir to the throne, so frankly, what else did she expect than being flung onto the scrap heap – it wasn’t the worst thing Henry ever did to his wife, after all.

As always Grainne and Chantal revel in the mess and let's face it, the drama of today's royal family has NOTHING on the escapades of this lot.

So, grab your lute, don your ruff, and get this Tudor feast, fit for a king into your ears.

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