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Candace Marino On The Top 10 Ways to Guarantee a #RadiantAF Glow
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Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn
Published 02 November 2022
Breaking Beauty

Tune in to hear inspiring stories behind the most iconic, best-selling beauty products and how they came to be, straight from the founders themselves. Plus, get insights and tips from the brilliant minds shaping today’s trends and ideas. With #damngood beauty product reviews – skincare, haircare and makeup and more – you won’t want to buy a thing before tuning in.

Candace Marino aka “The LA Facialist” has been a medical aesthetician for more than a decade, developing custom techniques for a highly–discerning celebrity clientele that name-checks Dove Cameron, Kourtney Kardashian and Miranda Kerr.

Today, Candace spills all of her pro tips and tricks for getting her signature #RadiantAF skin look - both in and outside of the medi-spa.

In this episode you'll discover:

> The dos and don’ts of at-home facial massage, along with the tools and products that *really* get results
> Why she thinks triple cleansing is worth the extra, extra step
> The legit neck cream that (gasp!) actually works
> The one oil she recommends for oily skin
> What’s on The LA Facialist’s personal topshelf, including her #1 skincare brand of choice
> The shocking industry-beloved vitamin C serum she thinks should be moved to the bottom shelf – and what she’d recommend instead
> The other most overrated skincare serum that is not worth your $$$
> Her personal daily SPF ritual that rivals your makeup routine
> What exactly is behind the astronaut-style Oxygen Hyperbaric Facial you’re seeing all over Instagram

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