Interview with Lava La Rue
Rojan Said sits down with the multi-hyphenate creative to discuss their new EP “Butter-Fly”.
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Published 27 March 2021
Lava La Rue

Lava La Rue is the definition of a DIY artist.

The multi-hyphenate creative has worked hard on their craft, making music both as themselves and part of the collective NiN8 (a collective of nine creatives who help each other on their projects and have each other’s backs). The past two years in particular though have seen Lava La Rue go from a bedroom artist to millions of streams.

Born, raised and still based in Ladbroke Grove, London, Lava lives and breathes the community spirit of West London. The blend of ska, reggae and punk music from that area has influenced the music that they make today – and it’s just one of the things that makes them stand out as an exciting rising artist.

Lava La Rue’s EP “Butter-Fly” captures a unique vulnerability from their life; discussing love and growing up, getting rid of insecurities from teenage-hood whilst recognising the person that they want to be. If it’s a statement of intent from the artist, then it gives plenty of reason for why we should keep our eyes on them.

Rojan Said sat with Lava La Rue to talk about mastering a vegan roast in lockdown, making music and much more.

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