The Way They Were | Dave The Bear: Kerry Katona & Brian McFadden
If there is one thing Gráinne Maguire and Chantal Feduchin-Pate love more than discussing their own odd ex’s, it’s remembering weird celebrities that went out with each other too.
The Way They Were
Published 22 September 2023
The Way They Were / W!ZARD Studios

This podcast, inspired by the cult Old Loves Tumblr is a love letter to the celebrity relationships we adored at the time but now have forgotten ever happened. Every week Chantal and Gráinne will be joined by a different celebrity guest to discuss the celebrity romance they never got over. So take our hand and stroll down memory lane, as we remember... The Way They Were...

In today's episode of The Way They Were, Grainne and Chantal welcome some glamour to the show in the form of cabaret and burlesque star Dave the Bear! Now what kind of guest would such a character bring for us?

Here's a clue, they definitely wore boot-cut jeans (according to Grannie though, so did Anthony and Cleopatra), they were the boy and girl band royalty, and they certainly made us whole again (for a little while anyway), it HAS to be Brain McFadden and Kerry Katona!

Yes, thanks to Dave, we revel in the time Boyzone and Atomic Kitten collided, before it all went a bit Jeremy Kyle and Take-a-Break and before anyone even thought of venturing into the jungle.

How did it all start and how long did our star-crossed lovers have to keep it all a secret from the public AND Louis Walsh for?

This episode answers all the questions and serves as yet another warning to anyone thinking of tying the knot before the age of 40.

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