Interview with Ber
James Gilmore sits down with the rising pop star whose new EP "Halfway" will trigger the sort of deep inner realisation that goes beyond what a £150 an hour therapist will provide.
James Gilmore
Published 09 April 2023
Ber / Photo Credit: Lauren Kim

Healing from heartbreak isn’t a linear journey – and if there’s one artist who knows that better than most, it’s Ber.

The Minnesotan native of Norwegian heritage (her full name is Berit Dybing), is breaking into the music industry thanks to a steady stream of “getting over love” songs that range from the heart-breaking (“Meant To Be” lets a former love know “we were meant to be, just not made to last”) to the ‘if you’re not getting under, you’re not getting over’ (“Slutphase” reminds listeners that “Everybody needs a slut phase”).

As the artist let’s us know in this interview though – there is no plaster (or band-aid!) for a broken heart, recovery is a slow, winding road.

Ber’s new EP “Halfway” takes listeners on this journey. Opening with the lyrics “Is it a slut phase, or is it a band aid?” sets the scene of a human trying to rekindle themselves, an attempt to move forwards whilst not entirely being sure if they’re ready to yet. On songs such as “Boys Who Kiss You In Their Car” and “Superspreader”, the artist gives a damning assessment of the love landscape: “Can’t lie, I’m quite unimpressed by all the boys that I’ve met”.

For every moment of empowerment on the project, comes a moment of shattering realisation. On the aforementioned “Superspreader”, what starts off as an attempt to move on concludes with the revelation, “You still ruin my life even though we don't talk anymore”.

It’s perhaps this ingredient which makes Ber’s music stand out the most. We’ve all heard of sad songs to dance to, but this collection goes one step further, providing a soundtrack of mostly upbeat songs that will trigger the sort of deep inner realisation that goes beyond what a £150 an hour therapist will provide.

With the promise of more new music coming in 2023 – as well as appearances at The Great Escape, Latitude and Barn On The Farm on the way – forget hot girl summer, this year we’re prepping for mending-a-broken-heart autumn.

James Gilmore sat down with Ber to talk about her "Halfway" EP, the pain of ripping off a plaster (or a bandaid!) and being in the driving seat as her career blows up.

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