Interview with Julia Wolf
The New York-based artist sits down with James Gilmore to reflect on her major 2022 and her upcoming debut album.
James Gilmore
Published 02 December 2022
Julia Wolf

It’s rare to have the opportunity to truly follow an artist’s rise – from their nervous breakout to the confidence-inspiring first hit and their first headline to major collaborations.

For over a year (since our first interview in March 2021), we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to watch Julia Wolf grow from being the shy singer on “Hoops” who was getting used to flexing her lyrical chops… to the bold artist on “Get Off My” who isn’t afraid to spout some truths – even if it may hurt those who wrong her.

Following the release of 2021’s “Girls In Purgatory” EP, Julia Wolf has announced the release of 2023’s “Good Thing We Stayed” (coming on January 13th – it would only be fitting for the artist to release her project on Friday 13th). Featuring the singles “Get Off My”, the highly personal “Virginity” and the Blackbear-collaboration “Gothic Babe Tendencies”, the album is set to be the next major breakthrough moment in her non-stop road to world domination.

Through-out the past 12 months, Julia has shown a versatility that her fellow pop peers have taken multiple-albums to perfect. Her ability to balance pop hooks with rap verses whilst dealing with issues ranging from not-pursuing-love to sucking blood (read: “Dracula”) and putting her personal touch on all of her output (every single artwork has been designed by the artist herself)… the list of reasons why this is the artist to watch for 2023 is endless.

Ahead of the end of the year, and her soon-to-come debut album, Julia Wolf sat down with James Gilmore to explore her growing confidence, collaborating with Blackbear and knowing when it’s the right time to put your middle finger up high.

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