Interview with Maude Latour
The rising singer-songwriter is about to open a new chapter - she sits down with James Gilmore to dig into her new single "Headphones".
James Gilmore
Published 26 February 2022
Maude Latour / Photo Credit: Anna Koblish

Maude Latour may be about to end a chapter of her life, graduating Columbia University in New York, but in every other way a whole new book is opening for her.

The singer-songwriter has been releasing music since 2019; her debut EP “Starsick” – released that year – has over 15M global streams. In 2020, when her single “One More Weekend” went viral, she signed to Warner Records, leading to the release of 2021’s “Strangers Forever” EP.

Looking to her personal life for inspiration, Maude has developed a habit of weaving complex, intricate worlds in her songs, whether it’s a break-up in her single “Furniture” (where she even names the new person her ex went to), or using cleaning her bedroom as an analogy for getting rid of messy thoughts, in “Clean”, it’s easy to become a fully fledged member of the Maude Latour fan club.

But, in her new music, she’s taking it one step further.

Ahead of the release of her latest single “Headphones”, she posted on social media that this song is just the start of a musical world she’s building – full of twists and turns, characters and locations. And if this new single is anything to go by, the upcoming season is going to be gripping.

On “Headphones”, Maude is discovering herself again. Online she’s made it very clear that this is not a love song – although, in a way, it’s a self-love anthem. She opens with the lyrics, “What’s that voice? I hear it clearly now… Who’s that girl? I’m so inspired by her”, referring to her own self-discovery and admiration.

For Maude Latour fans, which will be all of us before long, perhaps the lyric to get most hyped about is: “These dreams I have are so insane, I try to tell you but I can’t… you wouldn’t even get it even if I said it”. A clear manifesto that, before long, it’s going to be Maude’s world – we’ll just be living in it.

Maude promises that “Headphones” is just the start – and we’re confident believers in that. By this time next year, she’ll be the hot new artist everyone’s talking about.

Maude Latour sat down with James Gilmore to talk about creating universes, the world of “Headphones” and to sort through TikTok beefs.

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