Interview with Leah Kate
She's 2022's viral breakout. You might know Leah Kate from her nearly-100M streaming 10 Things I Hate About You... but she's just getting started.
James Gilmore
Published 03 July 2022
Leah Kate

Leah Kate’s explosion onto pop music is taken directly out of the 2022 playbook.

The singer-songwriter, who had been using music as a way to express her angst with the world for quite a few years before this moment, went to TikTok with the idea for a new song: she had listed all of the reasons she hated her ex as a way to get over him, “and here’s a song with just 10 of them”.

The post (now so replicated by her peers that you could easily forget that Leah was the originator) was met with immediate virality leading to a home-made music video, followed by a record deal and then a professionally shot music video to mark her “glow up”.

Enter June 2022, and Leah Kate teased a new song – a shout out to her ex – pushing forward another new(ish) trend which now seems obvious: turning nursery rhymes into angry pop songs. The single “Twinkle Twinkle Little Bitch” has been met with the type of virality that is rare for new artists to experience on a second release but seems to be following Leah with every move she makes.

Whether you love her, or love to hate her TikTok content, Leah Kate doesn’t just represent the next wave of mainstream pop: she is it. And with every move she makes are a swarm of TikTokkers ready to copy her. But, as she keeps proving, nobody does it better than the OG.

Leah Kate sat down with James Gilmore to talk about waking up to a viral hit, the story behind her new song, playing her music to her Grandma and more.

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